A Historic Inn For All Your Historic Moments​

     The Inn at Oak Lawn Farms has been a celebrated fixture in the quaint city of Carrollton, GA since well before the War Between the States.  Its genesis points to the Kingsbury's of Vermont who relocated south in the early 1800's.  They had  a vision to build a manse of Greek Revival structure surrounded by gardens befitting such a stately location.  The family  loved equestrian sports and erected matching stables which would become home to some of the world's most prolific racing horses.
     The Inn's rich character was spared in the latter days of the Civil War .   Union General Tecumseh Sherman led his swarm of soldiers through Georgia en route to Atlanta, the Confederacy's main supply and munitions depot, to destroy it and bring a solemn end to the nation's "mighty scourge of war".  As General Sherman paraded his troops into western Georgia, history records that he burned numerous buildings in downtown Carrollton.   His troops then made their way to the Kingsbury's Inn on Rome Street and made it his headquarters of sorts.  In exchange for some horses and cattle, the Inn was spared destruction.

      The family owned the property for several more decades, until, in the early 20th century, the Kingsbury's sold it to the Hobbs of Akin, South Carolina.  Mrs. Celestine Hobbs raised Steeple Chase champions, along with polo ponies and prize-winning thoroughbreds, thus perpetuating the proud tradition of  these regal animals at The Inn at Oak Lawn. 

      The Inn  underwent a major renovation in 2005-2006 to recapture the beauty and historic elegance of its earlier days.  Sandi and Ben Hobbs had a dream to share the charm and elegance of their property by offering the home and gardens as a venue for special occasions.    They enjoyed the fruition of their dream for several years hosting many weddings, private parties, and corporate events.

      Steve McAllister, the Inn's newest keeper, is resolved to maintain the stylish integrity of southern hospitality and  offer the charm of this great property for your special events and needs.  Steve and his staff  will make new moments in history with you at the helm.  Whether small parties, large gatherings, weddings, anniversaries, or reunions, the Inn at Oak Lawn Farms stands ready to be your headquarters for memory-making and special moments.